Sunday, December 20, 2009


When i was a teenager i was quiet shy and introvert. however when i started college, things changed. I became more outgoing, more sociable and adventurous. A lot of people who've known me since this change couldn't imagine the old me. But a conversation about my drinking habbits (a friend who i've known since i was about 14 commented that because he's never seen me drunk, that supposidly that i'm a lightweight)

So that got me thinking about how when i'm with people who know me from my younger years i often revert back to my shy self. Its quiet strange. Do these people not believe me when i tell stories of my latest exploits. Just something to think about

Alternatve Christmas Song (20th December)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stuck for a christmas present

For a long time now i've been a supporter of bothar, a limerick based charity that specializes in giving animals to third world families. So if you can't think of a good present this year, give a gift that keeps on giving (even €10 can buy a share in a some snails for a family in cameroon)

Alternatve Christmas Song (12th December)

one of my all time favourites

Friday, December 11, 2009

F** You Deputy Stagg!!!

(appologies if this makes little sense it's late and i'm rambling)
Today the most talked about thing in irish news was Green Party TD Paul Gogarty swearing at Labour's Eamonn Stagg.

My friend and fellow blogger Kris commented on twitter: "love the way noone is talkng about the bill and only the language of those not so clean greens". This got me thinking about the state of Irish Politics. The dail is mostly a boring place. A case in point is the leaders of the two biggest parties- biffo and enda- possibly the two dullest men in politics. Last wednesday we had the budget and with the exception of public servants and those on the dole, the most important announcement of the day to most people was the cut in drink prices.

So today Paul Gogarty spiced up what is an otherwise dull room by cursing. No cared about the debate at hand (there was no question of the bill not being passed by the house). A simple act of anger showed the country that there's a bit of life in our politicians. And underneath there's a lesson to be learned, Irish politics needs to liven up before people loose all interest.

Alternatve Christmas Song (11th December)

Alternatve Christmas Song (10th December)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alternatve Christmas Song (8th December)

Heard this on the Ray D'Arcy Show this morning and thought it was quiet fitting on today of all days- farmer's christmas

PS Happy birthday to my sister

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

they say clothes make the man

Last Thursday i went to cork to see Comic Potential (Histrionics Productions). I woke up that morning and for the first time in several months i Suited Up. And like magic, I was BACK!!! It was like an entire part of my life had been in hiberation while my wastecoat was in the closet.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another interesting conversation

Yet again i found myself in strange company whilst drinking in Micky Martin's on Saturday. I got talking to Mario from Albania who was lonely and looking for a friend- unfortunately he chose me and insisted I shared a pint with him. He also went around handing out single cigarettes to randomers. Took me a while to get rid of him
Fellow blogger Darran often comes across some quiet bizare and unusual things during his travels through the internet. This is his latest find:

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Eco- UNfriendly Christmas Tree goes on warpath

Yes that's Limerick's recycled christmas tree after it broke free and hit the bridge
full story

Doctor Who- Children in Need 2009

Looks good but i think it was a bit light hearted at the start, givin the end of Waters of Mars

101 things to do before i die

A few years ago i got a book called 101 things to do before you die. Since then i've wanted to complete as much of the list of possible- I'll post details of my progress here (along with my other rantings and musings) So here's the list- i've crossed off the ones i've already completed.

1 Write a Best-Seller
2 Swim With ...
3 Win an Award, Trophy or Prize (The Explorer Belt)
4 Catch A Fish With Your Bare Hands
5 Make a Discovery
6 Throw A House Party When Your Parents Are Out
7 Be Part Of A Threesome
8 Realise Your Childhood Dream (The Explorer Belt)
9 Learn That Instrument
10 Leave Your Mark In Graffiti
11 Storm Chase A Tornado
12 Get A Piece of Art into a Exhibition
13 Meet Someone With Your Own Name
14 Ride the World's Biggest Rollercoasters
15 Stage Dive or Crowd Surf
16 Get into the Guinness Book of World Records
17 Own a Pointless Collection
18 Study the Kama Sutra and Put Theory Into Practice
19 Master Poker and Win Big in a Casino
20 Get Backstage and Get Off With a Rock God
21 Be a Human Guinea Pig
22 Go Up in a Hot Air Balloon
23 Get Arrested – if it happens during another challenge, so be it.
24 See a Space Shuttle Launch
25 Capture the Moment in an Award-winning Photograph
26 Bungee Jump
27 See an Erupting Volcano
28 Sky Dive
29 Meet Your Idol
30 Stay in the Best Suite in a Five Star Hotel
31 Experience Weightlessness
32 See the Aurora Borealis
33 Get to Score a Hole in One
34 Design Your Own Cocktail
35 Play a Part in Your Favourite TV Show
36 Visit Every Country
37 Make Fire Without Matches
38 See These Animals in the Wild
39 Go to the Dogs
40 Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane
41 Be Friends With Your Ex
42 Hit Your Targets
43 Throw a Dart into a Map and Travel to Where it Lands (in progress)
44 Attend a Film Premiere
45 Do a Runner From a Fancy Restaurant
46 Scuba Dive
47 Milk a Cow
48 Present When Your Country Wins the World Cup
49 See Both Solar and Lunar Eclipses
50 Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame
51 Learn Another Language
52 Read the Greatest Books Ever Written
53 Complete a Coast to Coast Road Trip Across America
54 Make at Least One Huge Purchase You Can't Afford
55 Score the Winning Goal/Try/Basket
56 Gatecrash A Fancy Party
57 See the All-time Greatest Films
58 Live in the Place You Love
59 Leave a Job You Hate
60 Take Part in a Police Line-up
61 Get Away with the Perfect Practical Joke or Hoax
62 Join the Mile High Club
63 Make the Front Page of a National Newspaper
64 Drive a Car at Top Speed
65 Shout 'Drinks Are on Me!' in a Pub or Bar
66 Be Part of a Flash Mob
67 Visit ... (every continent/country)
68 Save Someones Life
69 In Various Languages, Learn to ...
70 Invent a Word That Makes it into the Dictionary
71 Have Adventurous Sex
72 Have Enough Money to Do All the Things on This List
73 Stand on the International Date Line
74 Learn to Fly a Plane
75 Get a Tattoo and/or a Piercing
76 Invent Something
77 Learn Astronomy and Read the Night Sky
78 Drink a Vintage Wine
79 Answer a Personal Ad
80 Spend Christmas on the Beach
81 Get Barred From a Pub or Bar
82 Build Your Own House
83 Skinny Dip at Midnight
84 Sell all Your Junk on eBay and Make a Profit
85 Visit the World's Tallest Buildings
86 Run a Marathon
87 Conquer Your Fear
88 Get Married Unusually
89 Throw Away the Instant Noodles
90 Join the 16-Mile High Club
91 Publish a Cult Website
92 Own an Original Work of Art
93 Complete the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl
94 Get Something Named After You
95 Get Revenge
96 Be an Extra in a Film
97 Live Out of a Van
98 Go On a Demonstration (Anti Fees protest)
99 Confess
100 Reach 100 Years of Age
101 Continue Your Gene Pool

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What to wear to a protest

Thanks to Seamus for this one

What should I wear to a protest march?
The art of looking chic while taking to the streets has long been neglected

There's a need for someone to discuss the correct way to dress for a protest: how to appear serious while avoiding looking slightly deranged? And then, of course, there's the standard-issue sign versus hand-crafted, and does it convey the wrong priorities if it's colour-co-ordinated with one's outfit?

Annabelle, by email

This letter is, yes, longer than usual but it is so particularly awesome that to cut it felt like taking a pair of shears to the Turin shroud. For, truly, there has never been a clearer indication of the existence of a divine Almighty than someone considering whether they should co-ordinate their protest sign with their protest outfit. Annabelle, as my personal guru Stephen Colbert would say, a tip o'my hat to you.

You are quite right: the subject of protest chic is one that has been long neglected and, really, I hang my head in shame. All those anti-war protests that had so little effect on government policy? I blame myself. The people were just not properly attired. But let us take a tip from Tony Blair and not waste time on regrets but rather focus on the future. A future in which neither of us will be president of the EU.

First: How Not To Look Slightly Deranged. There are obvious points here, and ones that should apply to all areas of life, not just protests, so no facial jewellery, no dreadlocks, no glow in the eye of self-righteous indignation fed with the oxygen of half-formed arguments, which is only just about acceptable in stoned undergraduates and is certainly not in anyone over the age of 21.

Clothes that look as if they were bought in Camden market (wacky-wacky, thumbs-aloft, baggy striped trousers; anything with a pompom) are obviously verboten. Unless you are Elizabeth Hurley, you probably will not be tempted to wear heels to a protest (and what would Liz be protesting about, do we think, people? Perhaps a criminal nationwide shortage of white denim?). Plain and practical are the obvious styles to aim for, but nothing in army green because that risks you being mistaken for a rent- a-protester, army green generally being their chosen colour. Similarly, no T-shirts or other paraphernalia that indicate you have frequented other protests: you think it proves your passion, others think you're just a protest slut in it for the exercise and the day off work.

As for signs, I am a great fan of homemade ones, simply for the show of creativity, and if anyone in the protest notices you have co-ordinated yourself with your sign, you are not in a protest, you are in Selfridges.

One wardrobe factor to consider most carefully is how it will help Fox News? Last week Jon Stewart revealed that, in order to make an anti-healthcare protest look more popular than the sparsely attended event actually was, Fox News simply used footage from a more popular rally from two months back. Clever, no? So think of this, people. Next time your boss demands the work he asked for yesterday, but which you haven't finished because you've been too busy playing on Facebook/ Grindr/Netaporter (delete as demographically relevant), just show him some work you did two months ago because, like, it's basically the same thing, innit?

So, with the needs of Fox News always at the forefront of one's mind, the obvious thing to do here is to wear the same outfit to every protest, thereby making Fox presenter Sean Hannity's job just that little bit easier. Of course, the power of fashion can only go so far and one thing it cannot do is control the seasons and the sad end to this story is that Fox was caught out in its small manipulation of the truth because the trees in Washington DC in November should be autumnal in colour and yet in Fox's footage they were a suspicious shade of green. But as Hannity no doubt said when his little mistake was exposed, one can only work with the tools one has. And then lie.

Good listening

I can across this link today:

Its the entire collection of the Hitchhiker's guide radio plays (the first season predates the book). It's proven to be a delightful listen so far.

On another note, my work colleague Jakub, was telling me about his DVD collecting habbits. Every friday he buys a DVD, usually spending €10. If he spends more than ten euro, he waits two weeks to buy another. Taking his advice I started doing this myself. DVD no. 1 is Frost Nixon (expect a review in the coming days)

The Ten Doctors

Sometimes fan edited videos can be very good, others are dreadful. This is probably one of the best ones i've seen yet:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Contact Lenses- is it time to take the plunge

While recently purchasing a new pair of glasses (my previous pairs usually meeting their end on nights out) I got talking to optician about contact lenses!!!

Now for most people this is an easy decision. I, on the other hand, cant make my mind up. While i can see the obvious advantages, i still can't get passed the idea of putting something into my eyes- eeewwww

Monday, November 9, 2009

I never thought i'd have an opinion to post about this...

Last night i watched X factor while tweeting. As the show came to an end twitter exploded with an array of anti-simon cowell messages. This confirmed my opinion that simon cowell and louis walsh are geniuses.

First thing first, X Factor (and every other similar show from popstars to britains got talent) has never been a real test of talent- its is entertainment television. Its designed to be entertaining. Its aim is to draw in viewers. By keeping the twins in simon managed to, once again, get front page on nearly every paper in the uk and become the most talked about thing in non print media (radio, tv, twitter etc)

Viewers tune in each week to see what the twins will do. If they were to go last night, do you think viewership would as high next week- hell no!! Simple as Simon Cowell, despite claiming to hate the twins, loves them because they bring in viewers. Sure they may not be able to sing (altho both songs this weekend where good) they do have the X-Factor in their own unique way.

And does simon care if he's the most hated man in britain today- god no. Simon has created a persona for himself as TV's mr nasty. This has made him quiet rich and i don't see him thinking about dropping it anytime soon

an interesting conversation

tonight i made a trip to the pub after work (had a nice pint of paulaner). While ordering my pint, i get tapped on the shoulder by a guy sitting with his friend at the bar.

"Excuse me", he says (in a strong english accent similar to Ralph Brown in Wayne's World and asks who would make a better Darth Vader- Michael Caine or Sean Connery? Initially i suggest Caine but the two suggest he'd be better as Obi Wan. They continue to quote lines from the film with Obi Wan's lines in Caine's accent (these are not the fucking droids you are looking for sunny) and Vader's in Connery's (hello miss leah)

After hearing this i started to think how awesome that film would be

Sunday, November 8, 2009

dream job (one can dream...)

Something i've wanted to do for some time is become a festival reporter. Imagine having the summer to travel around all the great music festivals in ireland (oxegen, electric picnic), the uk (v, reading leeds, t in the park, glastonbury) and europe

Sure you'd see a lot of the same acts a few times but the atmosphere at festivals is amazing and it'd be great to compare them.

Spirit Store interview

I've mentioned in a previous blog post about my involvement in the SpiritStore project. Here,Marilyn Lennon, the director of the project talks to Rich from about the project

Its not until i've started working in the city centre that i truely apreciate the need for this project (or another similar project) in the city centre. I hope we do see this come to fruition

Next Weekend- Opperation get the hell out of here

I'm in a rut, yes a rut. Down get me wrong i'm loving life right now, especially loving the new job, but still feel i'm missing my sense of adventure. I don't think i've left limerick since early september.

So this weekend i have two days off and i'm getting the hell out of here. I don't care where, I just want to go somewhere. I'm leaving the choice up to my friends via facebook and twitter.

So people- where should i go????

UPDATE: Votes so far
France x 1 (would have to go via dublin)
Waterford x 1 (kayakers session??)
Cork x 1
Omagh x 1 (sean recomended the old map and dart approach)
Dubai x 1

Saturday, November 7, 2009

somepeople i know might need this

Another Doctor Who Trailer

The Mascot

From ...with a sore head

Friday, October 30, 2009

Any of you who know me well know that i love doctor who- unfortunately i never discovered doctor who until the rebirth in 2005. That said i've gone back and seen a good few of the older episodes over time.

So on november 14th i shall be sitting down to watch waters of mars

And that leaves us waiting for the "End of Time", this year's christmas special and the last for DT and RTD. By the looks of the fan made videos on youtube its going to epic with the doctor loosing his mind as his time is running out. He seems to be going around visiting old friends (rose, donna, sarah jane). The master and Jack are also going to appear. Can't wait

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youtube's greatest hits

Saw this recently- there's a lot i haven't seen before

Funny ad from france

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still doing the rounds

The Right or Left Game

About two years ago i found myself in Dublin for the Explorer Belt reunion (the explorer belt is a blog topic for another day). Myself, andy and jeff took the train up in the morning and the two lads heading to keogh's house (our crash place for the night). I, however, had different plans and heading into the city centre to spend the day with a friend. However my friend's plans had to change and i had 12 hours to kill in dublin. After a while of wandering around the shops i got bored and decided to head towards Temple Bar, dublin's cultural hotspot. Here's where the day gets interesting...

As i was walking past, I saw some skate boarders. I don't really know why I did it, it just came to me. I asked one of them a question: "Should I go right or left here?" To which she replied "Where do you want to go?". I answered "I dunno, you tell me?"

And so the Right or Left game was born. For the rest of the day (until i met my friends at 9) I wandered around Dublin asking strangers to act as my compass. I went to Stephen's Green, O'Connell St, Hueston St, Temple Bar, Grafton st, Trinity, Busaras and everywhere else in the city centre. I found streets i didn't know existed. I met the most helpful and friendly people (and one or two who don't fit that bill).

For an entire day i just let go of control and went with the flow. That day was one of the key moment in my life and my transition to the new, more confident, adventurous me

Thursday, October 15, 2009

just weird

Rover Moot

Unfortunately there's no sound

classic stuff

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The green dilema?

So with John O'Donaghue out, fiannia fail's popularity at its lowest ever and an ever increasing air of discontent (especially from the trade union market), all eyes turn to the green party. This Saturday, 500 members of the party will meet to vote on the reviewed programme for government- if they say no, then we get to go the polls

The greens have a rule, when taking a vote they need two-thirds of the attendees to pass a motion. That means that if you're against it you only need one third plus one to block a motion (nicknamed vote by minority by detractors). Now while party leaders (Gormley & Ryan) will obviously be pushing a yes vote but will they be able to convince enough of the party. From my experience, the green party membership hails from all over ranging from eco business types to far-left hippies and everything in between. Therefore reaching that 2/3s majority will be an uphill struggle.

The greens have always stood by the belief that they can achieve more in government that out of it. They seem this government as their one chance to put their policies into action, even at the expense of their popularity. The question that the greens need to ask themselves is how much more of their popularity can they rise in pursuit of their ideals.

The greens promised to be the watchdog of this government but the public only see them as biffo's lapdog. The greens have a chance to kill this government but risk not being able to implement their policies anytime soon. It'll be interesting to see how the next few days pan out

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the spirit store

I suppose i should mention the spiritstore art cafe. For the past two months a nice group of people (mostly students, graduates and staff of the art college plus me) have occupied the landmark Sarsfield Bar in Limerick and turned it into an an art safe/social space/performance venue.

Its a place for people to come in, have (free) tea and coffee, have a chat and enjoy (again free) "performances" from artists, actors, writers, lecturers, musicians, sound artists and much much more. On the one hand it offered the people of limerick a place to hang out while it offered local performers and artists an opportunity to display their work to the people of limerick.

I started off as a customer but soon ended up on the other side of the counter. Through the spiritstore i have come to meet all kinds of people from various walks of life. It was an incredible opportunity and I am delighted to be associated with this project.

After the two month period, the project came to an end. The initial question: "Is there a need/want for a place like this in Limerick?" in my opinion has definately been answered.

bloggers block

Just can't think of anything good to write. That's not to say i can't think of anything at all. I start to type, then stop, then re read what i've done and then hold down the backspace till its all white again, and then a new idea pops into my head and the same process begins and ends as before

So what do i talk about, what i did today (not much), my thoughts on lisbon2, a book review, something artsy and what not, links to websites i like. Thing is, it doesn't really matter does it, all this will just get lost in the vast sea that is the inter-google-web. One wonders (wow that's a tad artsy isn't it) how some blogs and tweats of randomers go beyond the realm of obsurity into some huge (and fyi i don't really mean people who spam trend topics to get followers)

A friend raised an interesting point tonight (perhaps indirectly), does anyone else care what i'm doing or thinking. If so, why? Am i somehow interesting? If not, then should i stop trying to communicate to a world that doesn't care? There is my Nth attempt at blogging, all my previous attempts ended with no success yet once again I have returned to the blogosphere (no idea why i came back this time), will this attempt be any different, will i give up after a few attempts again or will i fail yet again. What defines success and failure for a blog?

Well i found my topic (yes, a topic about a lack of a topic).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

google wave

For those who don't know google are currently developing a web tool called wave. Basically its the replacement for email. Its a collaboration tool, instant messaging service, email service, app hosting service and more all rolled into one user friendly tool. There's so much to it that i would be doing a diservice to try and explain it fully- there's a long but fascinating video on the wave website

I for one, think this is the best thing every and can't wait to be able to use it