Monday, November 9, 2009

I never thought i'd have an opinion to post about this...

Last night i watched X factor while tweeting. As the show came to an end twitter exploded with an array of anti-simon cowell messages. This confirmed my opinion that simon cowell and louis walsh are geniuses.

First thing first, X Factor (and every other similar show from popstars to britains got talent) has never been a real test of talent- its is entertainment television. Its designed to be entertaining. Its aim is to draw in viewers. By keeping the twins in simon managed to, once again, get front page on nearly every paper in the uk and become the most talked about thing in non print media (radio, tv, twitter etc)

Viewers tune in each week to see what the twins will do. If they were to go last night, do you think viewership would as high next week- hell no!! Simple as Simon Cowell, despite claiming to hate the twins, loves them because they bring in viewers. Sure they may not be able to sing (altho both songs this weekend where good) they do have the X-Factor in their own unique way.

And does simon care if he's the most hated man in britain today- god no. Simon has created a persona for himself as TV's mr nasty. This has made him quiet rich and i don't see him thinking about dropping it anytime soon

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