Saturday, October 3, 2009

bloggers block

Just can't think of anything good to write. That's not to say i can't think of anything at all. I start to type, then stop, then re read what i've done and then hold down the backspace till its all white again, and then a new idea pops into my head and the same process begins and ends as before

So what do i talk about, what i did today (not much), my thoughts on lisbon2, a book review, something artsy and what not, links to websites i like. Thing is, it doesn't really matter does it, all this will just get lost in the vast sea that is the inter-google-web. One wonders (wow that's a tad artsy isn't it) how some blogs and tweats of randomers go beyond the realm of obsurity into some huge (and fyi i don't really mean people who spam trend topics to get followers)

A friend raised an interesting point tonight (perhaps indirectly), does anyone else care what i'm doing or thinking. If so, why? Am i somehow interesting? If not, then should i stop trying to communicate to a world that doesn't care? There is my Nth attempt at blogging, all my previous attempts ended with no success yet once again I have returned to the blogosphere (no idea why i came back this time), will this attempt be any different, will i give up after a few attempts again or will i fail yet again. What defines success and failure for a blog?

Well i found my topic (yes, a topic about a lack of a topic).

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