Monday, November 9, 2009

an interesting conversation

tonight i made a trip to the pub after work (had a nice pint of paulaner). While ordering my pint, i get tapped on the shoulder by a guy sitting with his friend at the bar.

"Excuse me", he says (in a strong english accent similar to Ralph Brown in Wayne's World and asks who would make a better Darth Vader- Michael Caine or Sean Connery? Initially i suggest Caine but the two suggest he'd be better as Obi Wan. They continue to quote lines from the film with Obi Wan's lines in Caine's accent (these are not the fucking droids you are looking for sunny) and Vader's in Connery's (hello miss leah)

After hearing this i started to think how awesome that film would be

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Steve said...

Ohhhh i like that idea.

I'm sure you have seen, but if you havent, check out Vader Sessions.


Along with Snatch Wars, i think ive both videos posted on my blog somewhere

Yep, here it is