Friday, October 30, 2009

Any of you who know me well know that i love doctor who- unfortunately i never discovered doctor who until the rebirth in 2005. That said i've gone back and seen a good few of the older episodes over time.

So on november 14th i shall be sitting down to watch waters of mars

And that leaves us waiting for the "End of Time", this year's christmas special and the last for DT and RTD. By the looks of the fan made videos on youtube its going to epic with the doctor loosing his mind as his time is running out. He seems to be going around visiting old friends (rose, donna, sarah jane). The master and Jack are also going to appear. Can't wait

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Steve said...

I am simply going to be bawling my eyes out when he regenerates...

I know sounds sad but I will, I used to watch Old Who back in the day, but it wasnt until 05 when I too went, wow, this is a great show.

Its the finest example of British sci fi there is.

Tennant is my fave doctor, he does have the cute impish charm about him along with a sexy geek chic too.

He has been there for the best of the new Who stories so it will be hard to see him go all glowy throw out the jesus christ pose and become a new doctor.

If youve read my blog... you know im not feeling the new changes being made, so it may be the doctor ive grown to love changing in more than one way