Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo of the week

Been a while since i've had a photo of the week but i saw this while walking home last night. It's a pair of crocs (am i spelling that right) neatly place against a wall on Denmark Street in Limerick. I mean loosing a single croc is one thing but loosing two is bad. It also raises other questions

  • Did this person walk home barefoot? 
  • Did they realize they were now "Croc-Less"? 
  • If they did this intentionally, what sudden catastrophy cause this person to discard their footwear on the street?
  • Did they place them neatly by the wall themselves or did some concerned passerby do this?
I know i'm definitely over thinking this but it was one of those nights

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Red Bull Bedroom Jam Final - Whelans

I wrote this review about 2 weeks ago for a Hotpress competition, seeing as i didn't win i'll put it up here. Photos will be uploaded tonight -B

After months of online voting, regional heats and festivals, three bands remained. Whelan’s was packed for this invite only gig to see which band would claim the prize of a week long recording session in Amsterdam.

Unfortunately I arrived just in time to see Walking on Cars’ final song but the Dingle based rockers really seemed to have the crowd going

Next up were Waterford outfit In The Willows who had a sleepy, low key sound that didn’t really get the audience going until the final song.

Completing the trinity, rocker band Icon on Fire couldn’t have been more different. Half of Westmeath seemed to have pilled into the iconic music venue to hear these guys blast out the tunes, including original songs and a few more well know hits.  

As the judges made their decision, the crowd was entertained by the sounds of Ham Sandwich, an indie band that just oozes with energy proving once again that they are the next big thing on the Irish music scene.

Finally, the judges announced their choice – Walking on Cars. The crowd urrupted as the winners took to the stage once more. Overall a good night’s entertainment thanks to four great bands