Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here we go again.... My Fitness Goals for 2015

So in 2014 I went from doing no fitness training to running two 5Ks NS six 10Ks, playing my first few games of tag rugby, completing a Summer Fitness Challenge and the 12 Days of Insanity, doing a beginners rock climbing course and taking part in a Marathon Relay challenge. I've achieved so much more than I ever expected to and in 2015 I aim to set the bar higher and achieve even more. I'm writing this blog so that I'm publically

Starting next week I'm begining the LSP's "New Year, New Start" challenge. Similar to the Summer Fitness Challenge, its an 8 week programme with the Campus Run (or Track Attack) on a Monday, Track Attack on a Wednesday and a taster of different activities on Friday evening. At either end of the eight weeks, there's a fit test so you can see how much you've improved. Last time I had huge gains in all areas and this time around, I want to go even further.

Secondly I want to run more. I've sent the Great Limerick Run as my target with a goal of 60 minutes or less. This is a big ask but I'm confident if I put my mind to it I can do it. Other races coming up in the meantime include the Milford 10K, the Adare 10K and the Plassey 10K

Thirdly I want to hike more. With Mount Fuji coming up in the summer I need to get out on the hills more and become mountain fit. One of my goals this year is to finally summit Galtymore - the one mountain in Ireland that has defeated time and again.

I'd also like to play a bit more tag rugby and get to a few more Insanity and Body Pump classes.

Friday, January 2, 2015

On The Dry For January

So the other day I made a decision. It was an impulse decision. Within five minutes of first having the initial thought, i had signed up and posted it up on facebook to make sure others knew what I was doing (to make sure I kept my promise). The challenge - go "On The Dry" for the entire month of January.

Now I'm not an alcoholic and wouldn't even class myself as a heavy drinker but I do like to drink. I'm partial to a nice pint of Guinness and enjoy discovering new beers. Like many I probably indulged myself a bit too much over the Christmas period so perhaps a few weeks of sobreity might not be a bad idea,

Another reason for taking on the challenge is the charity. Two years ago this month, my Grandfather passed away after a stroke. Since then I have done my best to raise money for the Irish Heart Foundation which funds research into stroke and other heart deceases. So when the IHF launched the On The Dry campaign, I thought it would be a great way to raise some money for this worthy cause. I find it fitting that this is taking place during January - the two year anniversary of my Grandfather (a committed teetotaler). To me this is a nice way to honour a man who meant so much to me growing up.

Like the Movember campaigns, the On The Dry campaign works through online donations. You are encouraged to share your online profile via social media and drum up donations. You (or a friend) have even buy an "On The Sly" pass for €20 which allows for one days drinking in case of a wedding, birthday or Tuesdays.

So i'm two days in and so far I haven't touched a drop. My first big challenge will be tomorrow night - my first night out of 2015. There will be lots of tempations to be have a drink, to fit in or to make the night go faster. I'll report back on how it goes but i'm sure I should be fine.