Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Right or Left Game

About two years ago i found myself in Dublin for the Explorer Belt reunion (the explorer belt is a blog topic for another day). Myself, andy and jeff took the train up in the morning and the two lads heading to keogh's house (our crash place for the night). I, however, had different plans and heading into the city centre to spend the day with a friend. However my friend's plans had to change and i had 12 hours to kill in dublin. After a while of wandering around the shops i got bored and decided to head towards Temple Bar, dublin's cultural hotspot. Here's where the day gets interesting...

As i was walking past, I saw some skate boarders. I don't really know why I did it, it just came to me. I asked one of them a question: "Should I go right or left here?" To which she replied "Where do you want to go?". I answered "I dunno, you tell me?"

And so the Right or Left game was born. For the rest of the day (until i met my friends at 9) I wandered around Dublin asking strangers to act as my compass. I went to Stephen's Green, O'Connell St, Hueston St, Temple Bar, Grafton st, Trinity, Busaras and everywhere else in the city centre. I found streets i didn't know existed. I met the most helpful and friendly people (and one or two who don't fit that bill).

For an entire day i just let go of control and went with the flow. That day was one of the key moment in my life and my transition to the new, more confident, adventurous me

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Shane said...

sounds great- an interactive version of 'Le flaneur'
Intrigued as to the new streets you came across