Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 things before 30

a while back I wrote this list of 30 things i wanted to achieve before i reached 30. Some of it i've done by this stage, others i'm working on doing. After Paudy put up his bucket list, I was challenged to put up my list. The old blog ain't live any more so i'm gonna but it up here.

  1. Get the gold gaisce - ongoing
  2. Make a short fim- ongoing
  3. Reach everest base camp
  4. go interrailing
  5. Have a friend in all 32 counties
  6. Get a book published
  7. Learn to play the guitar
  8. Sky dive
  9. fly in a helicopter
  10. Be a movie extra
  11. Make the Front Page of a National Newspaper
  12. Be part of a flash mob
  13. Fly a plane
  14. Learn to drive - on going
  15. Conquer my fear of heights - on going
  16. Create a viral website - on going
  17. Get Fit (able to run a marathon or similar) - on going
  18. Take the Oz Bus - need to rethink this one as the oz bus is no longer running
  19. Drive the E20
  20. Camp somewhere nearly bizare - Cave
  21. Go volunteer in a developing country
  22. Learn CPR (properly)
  23. Visit Kandersteg
  24. Visit the Great Wall
  25. Walk the Inca Trail
  26. Go on Safari
  27. Break a world record - partially complete
  28. Visit the desert
  29. Go to Oktoberfest
  30. Do a festival tour
  31. Finish college