Sunday, June 29, 2014

another fitness update

One of these days I'm gonna write a post that isn't about fitness I promise. That said, an update is long overdue. My last post was the mungret 10k which was well over a month ago and a lot has happened.

I've run two 10ks. At the end of May, I took part in the sixmilebridge 10k which was a nice route but very tough at times. A bit frustrated with my time of 76 minutes. Then last weekend I had the Clare10k which was an amazing event. An ankle injury about a mile into the race left me hobbling for the next 2km which was very frustrating but after the 4th KM I managed to get back on track and completed it in a shocking 75 minutes which makes me wonder how quick I would have been if it hadn't been for the injury. But there's no point dwelling on what could have been. No permanent damage seems to have been done and I've taken steps to (hopefully) prevent a recurrence of this injury.

And after 8 weeks, the Limerick Sports Partnership's Summer Fitness Challenge has come to end with the second fitness test. All week I was bit nervous about it. I'm still waiting for the results of both to be sent to me but I'm pretty sure I improved in all areas. The one part I was dreading was the Mile. On the first night I managed to run the mile in 13.50 minutes. Despite my legs feeling a bit weak all week, I took off around the track and completed the seven laps in an astonishing 8.58!! I was shocked, lost for words at the end. That's five freakin minutes off my time in just 8 weeks. I couldn't believe it. Just goes to show what you can achieve with regular training and dedication. Well done to all the other participants who finished, it was smiles all round so everyone must have improved.

I can't finish this without thanking our instructor Derek who was fantastic. From the first night, he decided i was going to be the butt of his jokes and didn't let up. With every joke and smart remark, I was even more detirminded to succeed. He was full of great advice when it came to running and general fitness and kept encouraging me to improve. Couldn't have done it without him

Gonna continue with the Campus Run and Track Attack for the summer months. Next up on the race calendar is a nightime 5k in an amazing location - the runway of Shannon Airport! This is something I'm really looking forward to as it's such a unique opportunity to do something like this.

Till next time folks...