Friday, December 11, 2009

F** You Deputy Stagg!!!

(appologies if this makes little sense it's late and i'm rambling)
Today the most talked about thing in irish news was Green Party TD Paul Gogarty swearing at Labour's Eamonn Stagg.

My friend and fellow blogger Kris commented on twitter: "love the way noone is talkng about the bill and only the language of those not so clean greens". This got me thinking about the state of Irish Politics. The dail is mostly a boring place. A case in point is the leaders of the two biggest parties- biffo and enda- possibly the two dullest men in politics. Last wednesday we had the budget and with the exception of public servants and those on the dole, the most important announcement of the day to most people was the cut in drink prices.

So today Paul Gogarty spiced up what is an otherwise dull room by cursing. No cared about the debate at hand (there was no question of the bill not being passed by the house). A simple act of anger showed the country that there's a bit of life in our politicians. And underneath there's a lesson to be learned, Irish politics needs to liven up before people loose all interest.

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Steve said...

Loved how the only people in the chamber seemed to be Paul Gogarty and Eamonn Stagg. Besides the Ceann Comhairle that is.

I found it lost some of its impact when it happened in an empty room