Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unfringed day 4 (continued)

Didn't make to beast but did happen to make it to Memory Deleted.

Memory Deleted
I'm struggling to figure out and describe this one. This piece takes place in a hotel room. Before the show you get to walk around the 2nd floor of the hotel and see different people (the cleaner watching tv is a room, a single mother feeding her child and watching tv, a whore lying on a bed). The performance itself focuses on one room and the people who have been there and their stories.

My problem with this piece is that i'm still not 100% sure what was going on. There was so much happening that it was easy to miss something (you might be listening to one monologue and miss something happening in the corner). That said it was a brilliant concept and a good performance by the actors in a challenging role (3 performances a day?)

rating 3.5/5

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Limerick Unfringed day 4

So having been unable to attend anything on the Friday due to college and work I set out to hit as many shows as possible over the weekend. Easier said than done.

Lords of Strut
The Lords of Strut are a street performance duo that mix dance and comedy, you could say the Laurel and Hardy of the dance world. The pair gracefully mix some daring acrobatic stunts with amazing comic timing. For every backflip there's a humorous pratfall or comic mistiming. Both performances today gathered huge crowds which is a great thing for the city. For me the highlight was watching one of my lecturers become a dancer himself (which i have on video *grins*)

Overall no words can do justice to this performance so here's the video (sorry about the quality)

rating: 4/5

The Cleaner
This one woman play (featuring Madb Lambert, of the Lambert Puppet Theatre family) took place in a kitchen. We watch a young woman who's comes to clean the kitchen. Over the span of 25 minutes we see her interact with various objects around the room (brushes, mops, coats, bags etc) to bring a series of characters to life. These characters take on personalities of their own and you can even imagine them as real people thanks to the brilliant acting from Madb Lambert, easily the best performance of the unfringed festival so far

rating: 5/5

Unfortunately the rehearsed reading of Laetitia was postponed. Tonight I'm heading to Beast and maybe to Memory Deleted

Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't worry...

unfringed day 2

Spinal Krapp
Spinal Krapp is a one man play written by Darren Maher and starring Zeb Moore. Having read Darren’s other play (The Malteese Falcon may already be taken) I was expecting something bizarre and it didn’t disappoint. Spinal Krapp is not the most traditionally enjoyable show but is definitely an amazing play. There are some hilarious moments as we hear stories from Darren’s childhood, told brilliantly by Zeb Moore. In between are some strange musings on life and performance and one or two interesting theatrical tricks, all the while the tension builds towards the play’s ending?

Overall worth going to see.
Rating: 3/5

Cirque de Legume
Any show that wins big at the Dublin Fringe is worth going to see, even if- no, especially if it involves vegetables. The plot is simple- two people put on a cirque de soleil style show using only a chair, minimal dialogue and.... a box of vegetables. Cabbage, cellary and onions are all used to create mayhem. However simple, this may be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on stage. I’ll never look at an onion the same way. If you see one play in 2010 make it this one

Rating: 4.5/5

Pure Sketchy (Choke Comedy)
Choke returned to a completely sold out room (several of my friends couldn’t get tickets). Breaking away from the improv format they are known for, the transition to world of sketch comedy worked well. There were some great running gags throughout the show (hoodieman, the blind dates etc). My only problem was it was too long (about 90mins) for a show that started at 10 o’clock

Rating: 4/5

Sunday, January 24, 2010

another cover

Cant stop listening to this

Sunday, January 17, 2010

music in my world

Music is a big part of my life, i find i struggle to stay sane if i leave home without my ipod, if i'm at home the radio is always on. And I love to buy CDs!

Yes you did read that correctly. Even in the download driven times we live I still love the idea of going into a music shop, flicking through the cd rack, looking down the list of songs,admiring the cover art. Even tho its more expensive and once on my computer the cd will sit on the shelf, downloading a song doesn't give me the same pleasure as going to a music shop

When things get me down in life, there are two things that usually cheer me up- watching an episode of the simpsons and buying an album. Around this time last year I was in galway with a group of friends, i was fighting with my now ex-girlfriend and needed to get away from everyone, i wandered down shop street and found a small music shop- somewhere i could go and be like a kid in a candy shop. Much better

My life right now but not yet

There's a blogpost i need to write, to put words to all i'm thinking but i'm not ready yet
Will post soon

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I slept in this morning (somewhat of regular occurance) but unfortunately missed the first half hour of the tubridy show, not a show i listen to often (not because its a bad show its just i rarely tune into radio 1) however this morning i was planning on listening to a piece on internet privacy (with 2fm dj/new media head rick o'shea) as i thought it would be interesting

So i decided i'd go online and listen to the streaming. RTE is our national broadcaster and yet it is unable to provide a decent streaming service like other stations. The show wasn't even live. The audio was all over the place and was impossible to listen to without wanting to damage something

Come on RTE get your act together

Cheese of the week

New feature on the blog- every thursday i'm going to post some cheesy pop music

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My previous blogpost was my first of 2010 and the first in a few weeks. I havent felt the urge to blog until tonight but I've had something to say for the past few days and i didn't think twitter was the right medium for once

But it was nice to say what i needed to say. I don't care if anyone reads it but i needed to say it, its been hard to talk about to other people but now i feel like a weight is gone off my shoulders

I really try to post more than i do but often i can't find the words. Somethings (like tonight) the right words just came to me but other times i try and fail to express myself so i dont bother but i really should, even if it doesnt make any sense

doctor, doctor....

Last friday i went to the doctors, a long over due visit. For a while i've had a bump (a cyst to give it its propper name). I've done my best to ignore, put it off for another day but i finally bit the bullet and went to the doctors (my first time with this new doctor and while i'd hope not to have to, i'd happily go to him again if needs be). Even later that day i googled what it is.

In two months time it'll be gone. Now i know what it is and that it'll soon be removed, i find myself thinking about it more. For as long as i can remember its controlled how i style my hair, if i let people rub my head, what kind of hats i wear. If people notices it, i become quiet self conscious and yet they make a big deal of it. But now it seems even more real. Like its drawing attention to itself more. I look forward to being rid of the dam thing.

And yet at the same time, it'll be wierd to be without it. As i said, its been part of my life for so long that i may miss it. Perhaps it'll be like chandler's third nipple, the source of his wit

Who knows