Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unfringed day 4 (continued)

Didn't make to beast but did happen to make it to Memory Deleted.

Memory Deleted
I'm struggling to figure out and describe this one. This piece takes place in a hotel room. Before the show you get to walk around the 2nd floor of the hotel and see different people (the cleaner watching tv is a room, a single mother feeding her child and watching tv, a whore lying on a bed). The performance itself focuses on one room and the people who have been there and their stories.

My problem with this piece is that i'm still not 100% sure what was going on. There was so much happening that it was easy to miss something (you might be listening to one monologue and miss something happening in the corner). That said it was a brilliant concept and a good performance by the actors in a challenging role (3 performances a day?)

rating 3.5/5

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