Sunday, January 10, 2010

doctor, doctor....

Last friday i went to the doctors, a long over due visit. For a while i've had a bump (a cyst to give it its propper name). I've done my best to ignore, put it off for another day but i finally bit the bullet and went to the doctors (my first time with this new doctor and while i'd hope not to have to, i'd happily go to him again if needs be). Even later that day i googled what it is.

In two months time it'll be gone. Now i know what it is and that it'll soon be removed, i find myself thinking about it more. For as long as i can remember its controlled how i style my hair, if i let people rub my head, what kind of hats i wear. If people notices it, i become quiet self conscious and yet they make a big deal of it. But now it seems even more real. Like its drawing attention to itself more. I look forward to being rid of the dam thing.

And yet at the same time, it'll be wierd to be without it. As i said, its been part of my life for so long that i may miss it. Perhaps it'll be like chandler's third nipple, the source of his wit

Who knows

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