Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Limerick Unfringed day 5

So on the final day i caught 4 shows:

Dos Palabros
This rehearsed reading, based on one of the Eva Luna stories was a nice play about a young woman who makes a living out of words. Some interesting performances especially from Liam O'Brien who gave an fascinating portrayal of mental breakdown.

Rating 3/5

For me this was the most under rated piece of the festival and i can't wait to see the full production if it ever comes to Ireland. The play tells the story of a couple who travel to Lourdes and how it affects the husband in a way he

Credit must go the writer who created some of the most realistic characters and dialogue i've ever come across in theatre. In particular the characters of the husband and wife were brilliantly written and performed.

Rating 4/5

The beast
I didn't find this an enjoyable play but i don't think the writer intend the audience to enjoy it. The play tells the story of an artist and a whore who meet and begin a strange sort of relationship based on mutual love, hate and his unwillingness to pay for her services.

Rating 3/5

Unfringed Awards/Nick Carswell & Elective Orchestra
The festival came to a conclusion in Dolans on Sunday night with a well attended award ceremony. The winners were:
Best Male Performance: David Heath (Beast)
Best Female Performance: Madb Lambert (Cleaner)
Best Production: Memory Deleted
Spirit of Unfringed: Lords of Strut
Special Judges Award: The Beast

This was followed by Nick Carswell and the Elective Orchestra. As the girl beside said "they're so nice- the perfect background music". I think this sums it up.

(my review of the festival overall will be posted soon)

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