Sunday, January 17, 2010

music in my world

Music is a big part of my life, i find i struggle to stay sane if i leave home without my ipod, if i'm at home the radio is always on. And I love to buy CDs!

Yes you did read that correctly. Even in the download driven times we live I still love the idea of going into a music shop, flicking through the cd rack, looking down the list of songs,admiring the cover art. Even tho its more expensive and once on my computer the cd will sit on the shelf, downloading a song doesn't give me the same pleasure as going to a music shop

When things get me down in life, there are two things that usually cheer me up- watching an episode of the simpsons and buying an album. Around this time last year I was in galway with a group of friends, i was fighting with my now ex-girlfriend and needed to get away from everyone, i wandered down shop street and found a small music shop- somewhere i could go and be like a kid in a candy shop. Much better

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