Saturday, January 30, 2010

Limerick Unfringed day 4

So having been unable to attend anything on the Friday due to college and work I set out to hit as many shows as possible over the weekend. Easier said than done.

Lords of Strut
The Lords of Strut are a street performance duo that mix dance and comedy, you could say the Laurel and Hardy of the dance world. The pair gracefully mix some daring acrobatic stunts with amazing comic timing. For every backflip there's a humorous pratfall or comic mistiming. Both performances today gathered huge crowds which is a great thing for the city. For me the highlight was watching one of my lecturers become a dancer himself (which i have on video *grins*)

Overall no words can do justice to this performance so here's the video (sorry about the quality)

rating: 4/5

The Cleaner
This one woman play (featuring Madb Lambert, of the Lambert Puppet Theatre family) took place in a kitchen. We watch a young woman who's comes to clean the kitchen. Over the span of 25 minutes we see her interact with various objects around the room (brushes, mops, coats, bags etc) to bring a series of characters to life. These characters take on personalities of their own and you can even imagine them as real people thanks to the brilliant acting from Madb Lambert, easily the best performance of the unfringed festival so far

rating: 5/5

Unfortunately the rehearsed reading of Laetitia was postponed. Tonight I'm heading to Beast and maybe to Memory Deleted

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