Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Limerick Bicycle Parade 2010

July 19th saw thousands of Limerick people take to their bikes for the Annual Bike Parade. This was my first year taking part and I can honestly say it was a great experience. The parade started outside King John’s castle at 1pm and finished at the People’s Park.

There were prizes on the day for best dress bike and best dress cyclist. The winner, in my opinion, was the woman who used two pieces of foam to turn her bike into an old fashioned plane, worn old style aviator gear and had a name tag saying “Dick Dastardly” while her baby was mutley.

After a lovely bike ride down O’Connell St and up Mallow St, the cyclists were greated with a great party in the park with bouncing castles, music, face painting, balloon animals, Mountain Bike Trick demos and some street dancers. With the lovely weather we had on the day it was a very enjoyable event for all ages.

My only issue was the lack of garda control on some part of O’Connell St. Near the hunt museum they were blocking off traffic for the cyclists but up by Roches St and Cecil St there was nothing to stop cars pulling out in front of cyclists. For an event like this the traffic should have been controlled.

The best part of the day was over hearing a conversation:
Child: Dad, this is fun. Can we do this next year?
Dad: Sure you can go for a bike ride anytime

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