Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Heathers Live at Dolans

Last night i went to Dolans to see the Heathers.

The warm up act was Limerick based musician Vertigo Smyth. Smyth, who plays the Ukulele (is ukulelist a word???) and guitar, is a quiet a mellow act. While i enjoyed it, i think it may have been a tad too mellow for the younger crowd in the room. I found his lyrics to be quiet humorous and his style quiet unique. Worth checking out.

After Smyth and a slightly long gap, Ellie and Louise of the Heathers took to the stage. The girls seemed very down to earth and looked like they were really enjoying the gig. The atmosphere in the room was electric with the fans singing along and talking to the girls (one girl offered to give the girls lessons in vocal excercises at one stage). The girls played all their songs as well as covers from the Mountain Goats (????) and Halo by Beyonce which got great reaction from their fans.

The Heathers are possibly two of the most talented young people on the irish music scene right now and don't look like packing it in anytime soon. They return to Limerick next Wednesday for the opening ceremony of the special olympics in Thomond Park.

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