Thursday, June 3, 2010

Advice for freshers

sorry for the delay in posting, only getting back to real life after exams now. I was asked today to write a 300word blogpost about my tips for freshers week so i might as well lash it up here

Fresher’s Week can be a confusing experience. From me I came from a school with no more than 300 students and now found myself in a room of 1000 students (and that only made up about a third of first year) so you can imagine how much of a change that was. Add to that buildings that make hogwart’s revolving staircases look like childsplay, lecturers telling you that you have to do 300 hours work per week on their subject alone and the sudden realisation that you don’t live with mammy and daddy anymore, it can all be quiet scary. So here’s my top 6 tips:
1. Many students go four years without making friends outside their course. What a waste of four years. Make as many friends as you possibly can- join everything from class reps or chess club to the skydiving club or paintball team. Join at least one club or society that you never imagined joining. Truly live the college experience.

2. Walk around and familiarise yourself to the campus. Bring your timetable and find all of your rooms. If you can crack the room code system at the start you’re sorted. Get to know the local area as well because there’s just as much fun there

3. Learn how to cook 3 simple meals (not just beans on toast or a pot noodle). You never know when you have to cook for a nice boy or girl

4. Find out what the Students’ Union does for you- you might never need them but if you do they can be a great help (and a great place to get free stuff)

5. Learn to love the word “free”
Your time at university will be the best days of your life- make the most of it and enjoy :)

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