Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chief Scout Award - 10 Month Review

I've been working on my CSA for about 10 months or so. At this point I thought I'd do a review of where I am and where I hope to go with it.

Community (including additional weeks)
For the last 9 months I’ve been working as a Scout Leader with the 23rd Limerick. I set myself the target of promoting the ONE Programme within the Group, with particular focus on the Adventure skills and the Chief Scout Award. I think I’ve had reasonably success with this
  •  Adventure Skills Training weekend for Scouters organised in March
  • Assessments carried out for Senior Cubs, Scouts, Ventures and Rovers
  • Individual Scouts given targets to reach higher levels and some venture scouts have started assess younger members of the group
  •  Resources developed to help Beaver and Cub Scouts to support the Personal  Journeys in their Programmes
  • 3 Beavers, 6 Cubs, 3 Scouts and 2 Ventures registered for and working towards the CSA with more expected in the next six months.

At this point I am almost completed with the 52 weeks. I have decided to use Scouting for the additional weeks. However in September I expect to have move to Dublin so I will have to discuss my goals with my mentor and new Group Leader.

I have chosen photography for my skill. I have decided on the following challenge:
  •  Join the Dublin Camera Club and take part in the Beginners and Intermediate courses
  • After the courses, I will attend the Tuesday night meetings and work with other members to improve my skills
  • Prepare a portfolio of my photography work and organise an Exhibition of my photographs (on a theme selected with my mentor)
Most of this will be completed in the next few months.

I have chosen rock climbing for my phyiscal activity. I chose this for a number of reasons. A) to get fit, B) to improve my skills and c) to get over my fear of heights. I've a few sessions done with the UL Outdoor Pursuits Club but when I move to Dublin I hope to continue with the Gravity Climbing Centre. I have decided on the following challenge:

  • Join the Gravity Climbing Centre and spend 1 hour a week climbing
  •  Take part in at least 4 outdoor climbing sessions
  • Learn how to lead
  • Be in a position to start working towards my Single Pitch Award

I’ve been looking at potential areas for my Expedition with Snowdonia being amongst the favourites. The route would take me from Conwy to Porthmadog (including climbing Mt Snowdon). Things needed to be done
  • Recruit team
  • Plan Route
  • Pick dates

 Public Transport will be used to get to and from the expedition and a full training plan will be devised for the team.

I have signed up for the Cork Scouts of the World Award team – more to come.

Adventure Skills – Camping to Stage 8
So far I have reached Stage 6 (Internal Group Assesment) and I am working my way through the requirements for Stages 7 and 8 

Adventure Skills – Hillwalking to Stage 7
I am waiting assessment on Stage 6 and have begun working towards Stage 7 having already completed the 1300m objective. I need a bit more experience in mirco navigation and I have about 10 or so hikes to log

Adventure Skills – Emergencies to Stage 7
I picked this because I would be starting from scratch. I have recently attended a CPR Courses (with a certied course due to follow next week) and I am currently trying to arrange a REC3 course for Scouters in Limerick in September. Hope to get assessed by the expert in April.

Portfolio Work
So far I have written the Introduction section and began a page for each requirement explaining my challenge and motivation.

There is significantly more work involved in this than I imagine but I am progressing along at a good pace and hope to finish on target for September 2013. 

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