Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a friend in every EU country

I recently hit the milestone of having a friend in all 32 counties so my next target is a friend in every eu country

Completed (i've picked one friend so sorry if its not you)

Austria - Martin
Belgium - Shona
Bulgaria - Nikki
Czech Republic - Miko
Denmark -Andres
Estonia - Kristjan
Finland - Ilona
France - Igor
Germany - Jens
Italy - Luca
Latvia - Iggy
Luxembourg - Amandine
Netherlands - Maureen
Poland - Jacob
Portugal - Juoa
Romania - Andrei
Spain - Pablo
Sweden - Caroline 
United Kingdom - Sam

Not Completed 
Cyprus -
Slovakia -
Slovenia -

So it turns out i'm further ahead than I thought I was

Update 29/7/12 - managed to knock the Czech Republic and Portugal off the list

Update 20/1/13 - managed to knock Luxemborg off the list


Aislinn said...

Think you're cheating with UK. That's cutting four countries down to one!

Barry Kennedy said...

England - Sam
Scotland - Jamie
Wales - Dave
NI - Daly

Have a few more to add to the completed list