Thursday, April 17, 2014

BarryGetsFit - 2014 update

So the #BarryGetsFit campaign of 2013 started and stopped and started and stopped.... well you get the picture. So March 2014 rolled around and my fitness was edging towards a new low. I had stopped running and was walking a hell of a lot less. Add to that, I was putting on a good bit of weight, I was exhausted a lot and I was stressed out to the max.

I decided if i was going to do something I needed routine so I decided to go for a group class in the UL Arena. If I had a scheduled session to go to, I reckoned I'd be less likely to skip it. So the following week I packed my sports gear and headed off for my first attempted at track attack.

Track Attack is a form of circuit training. After two laps of the track and some exercises, you have to complete 16 stations on the circuit (eg burpees, spinning, hurdles, press ups etc) for 20 seconds. Following a break you have to do a circuit of 20 stations for 40 seconds and then a final 16 stations for 20 seconds.

I won't lie - its not easy. Some of the activities really take it out of you. Also its impossible to do the hurdles without looking like a twat. But some of the activities are fun and there's good banter with the other people there. While you're body may be cursing you during the workout, afterwords you feel great - both physically and mentally.

After five weeks, the results are incredible. I feel stronger, more alert and my mood has definately improved. The different activities are becoming easier to do (while still challenging).

I've also started running again. At the start of April I attempted the Jacinta O'Brien Plassey 10k run around UL. I found this tough and got nowhere near my target for the day. This failure of sorts has been a motivator to do better. In May I have the Great Limerick Run 6mile and in June I'll be heading up to Dublin to a 5 mile in the Phoenix Park. I've a training plan in place

Overall things are looking up. I've a lot of work to do to get to where I need to be (both physically and mentall). Watch this space

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Anonymous said...

Good luck barry!
- Andrew O'Neill