Monday, September 12, 2011

back on the road again...

Ok here we go - another "I promise I'm going to update you more" blogpost. One of the reasons i'm doing this is Sinead is heading off down under for a while and wanted to be kept up to date on my adventures (I've agreed as long as she does the same for trip).

Another reason was the beaver patrol blog. I was over in Sweden this summer at the World Scout Jamboree and I tried to keep a group blog. Unfortunately I didn't get to update date it as often as i liked but it rekindled my interest in blogging and with another trip abroad coming up I guess I should give it another go. (you can read the beaver patrol blog here)

So what's this other trip? Well this morning I found out that I was chosen to represent Scouting Ireland at the International Peace Camp in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I applied a month ago not thinking I'd get selected but what do you know. So i'm off in 8 days time which isn't that much time considering I have to sort out my visa, pack and do some research about Saudi Arabia. This is going to be insane. Oh and I'll be turning 24 while I'm over there.

So what else is going on. Well I finally completed the project phase for my woodbadge (Scout leader training) and that's been submitted so I'll hopefully getting my woodbeads soon. I'm also going to be getting the UL President's Volunteer Award (Gold) for logging more than 60 hours of community work (in my case the Scouts) on October 12th. Got a nice message from the Chief Scout congratulating me on that. In the meantime i'm trying to find a job and pick a new Final Year Project title (easier said than done).

Yesterday was my Grandmother's 80th birthday and we had a lovely family dinner in the Woodlands in Adare. Four generations of the family were represented with my Grandparents, my mother and her brothers/sisters, myself, my sister and our cousins and (i think i have this right) my first cousins, once removed (i.e. the children of my cousins). This included James Byrne, my cousin Christopher's son, who is only 10 weeks old today.

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